Uhuru Group Limited has just introduced a new addition to its fleet. We have taken delivery of a Golden Bear 1400mN Crawler Mounted Diamond Drilling Rig. The company also has one Wirth 2BA Crawler Mounted Multi-Purpose Drilling Rig.Uhuru Group Limited has been awarded a diamond drilling contract by Prestea Sankofa Gold Limited. In February 2012, Uhuru Group Limited successfully registered with the Minerals Commission and was approved to be a licensed Mine Support Service Company. In March 2012, the company was provided with its Operating Permit by the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission to provide Mine Support Services such as Exploration Drilling, Quarrying and Contract Crushing and Earth Moving Services to mining companies.Uhuru Group Limited provides equipment support and management Services to Willstan Civil and Mining Limited (WCM). WCM has been awarded a contract by MSF, a Portuguese Roads Construction Company, to supply over 200,000 m3 of aggregate of various sizes for a major highway and interchange construction project funded by the Millenium Development Authority (MIDA). Uhuru Group Limited has been contracted by WCM to provide earthmoving support services to its quarry at Gomoa Potsin in the Central Region. Uhuru Group Limited is also providing Management Services for the Quarry. Uhuru Group Limited Signs Mining Contract with Agyapaddo Construction Works Ltd (ACW). ACW is the holder of a 3 Acre Limestone Concession in Oterkpolu in the Eastern Region of Ghana.  ACW was awarded a contract to supply 25,000 MT of crushed limestone monthly  to Ghacem (Heidelberg Cement). Uhuru Group Limited has been sub-contracted by ACW to provide full scope mining services including; Earth Stripping, Drilling, Blasting, Crushing, Stockpiling and Loading.

Uhuru Drilling Services

In an effort to avoid brand confusion in the market place, the Group decided to move all Exploration and Grade Control Drilling operations from Uhuru Plant Hire Limited into a newly created Uhuru Drilling Services Limited.  Uhuru Plant Hire Ltd shall provide equipment on rental basis to Uhuru Drilling Services Ltd.

The company currently operates two rigs namely:

  • Fordia Golden Bear 1400mN Crawler Mounted Diamond Core Drilling Rig and
  • Wirth 2BA Crawler Mounted Multi Purpose Drilling Rig